Mattress | Lotus  

Lotus, founded in Belgium in the 1980s prides itself in its innovation and minute care taken in developing their mattresses. Through its years of research and development as well as meticulous selection of materials, Lotus have successfully gained recognition of being a World-Class Standard mattress and has became the No.1 Choice for those who look for a healthy lifestyle mattress for perfection rest. Using only the finest materials for all their mattresses, Lotus mattresses feature coil springs made by Leggett & Platt USA, the leading manufacturer of steel coil bedspring with expertise since 1883 as well as Talalay Latex manufactured by Latexco Belgium, one of the world's leading manufacturer of latex foam components for the bedding industry.

The Super Bonnel Spring series of mattresses are designed and produced from high-gauged wire which are arranged in a honeycomb design allowing the use of higher coil counts providing additional strength as well as durability to the mattress. The Marshall Coil® series of mattress are specially designed spring made of highly durable wire wrapped in high quality cloth pocket which isolates motion transfer and also respond better to your toss and turns providing support all night round. Talalay Latex toppers made from natural latex foam also reduces pressure allowing blood circulation preventing numbness of the arm felt throughout the night for side-sleepers.

All Lotus mattresses are upholstered in Aloe Vera fabrics which naturally moisturizes your skin and regulates temperature to ensure the optimal condition for a cool night sleep. An organic-based treatment, SaniCare® which is hypoallergenic and dustmite resistant are pre-applied onto the fabric yarn to ensure perfect sleep hygiene.
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