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MaxCoil started off with being a manufacturer, supplier and exporter in foam industry, producing a wide variety of foams for use in the fields of medical, hospitality, bedding and sofa, among others. Driven by commitment to provide value and quality products to their customers as well as decades of hard work, MaxCoil expanded and entered the bedding industry. Leveraging on the best quality spring coils and mattress ticking available, and combining their expertise on foams, all MaxCoil mattresses are manufactured in accordance with international standard and specification allowing them to obtain a membership with the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA).

Silver, which is a natural antibacterial element which prevents odours by inhibiting the growth of bacteria is introduced into MaxCoil's newest line of SilverCare mattresses which provides many naturally superior benefits. Lasting antibacterial property which stops all activities of micro-organisms, preventing the occurrence of mold and bacteria as well as the natural anti-static properties of Silver relieves your body of negatively charged energy, allowing you to sleep better.
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